Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Scratching That Unexpected Itch

What happens when you see and hear something that intrigues you from start to finish with that perfect blend of audio and visual aesthetic?  There are times when you have an itch that gets scratched that you never knew you had until you experience something unexpected.  This recently occurred within my lifetime.  I’m always looking for that complicated, yet sophisticated, piece of art.  Be it with music, animation, videography, or photography.  With the mind being the most convoluted piece of humanity, every so often I’ll come across a piece of content that resonates within each and every sense of being human.  Being a fan of video game content for most of my life has provided me with many ways of experiencing how to feel.  On June 14, 2016 I experienced a piece of art that officially scratched that itch.  Sitting there watching the visual and auditory creation being shown, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, nor could I stop listening to the audio track expertly woven into the experience.  I was watching a masterpiece of cinematography.  What was this masterpiece?  It was a work of art between the actor Norman Reedus and creator Hideo Kojima with the musical piece “I’ll Keep Coming” produced by Low Roar.  The audio visual treat is called “Death Stranding.”

Without further adieu, here is the masterpiece for your viewing pleasure. 

(For best viewing, watch on Youtube in Fullscreen HD 1080p)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Chapter 31.2

5 Years ago I navigated into an unknown world of possibilities.  I laughed and I cried, I loved and I hated, I attacked and I defended, I lost and I found, and learned a lot about myself as a human living on this planet Earth.  Those 5 years have been some of the best years that I’ve had yet.  I will never forget everything and everyone I’ve gotten to know.  To everyone I’ve gotten to meet, it has officially been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you.  Be it through work, bowling, golfing, or just sitting around my TV playing video games, I will truly miss each and every one of you.  Yet there is one person who I will miss the most.  April, you have been a true inspiration to me since that time I met you.  You’re ability to continue to fighting through this thing called Life has given me the determination I need to continue on.  I will never forget you and thank you for a wild ride over the past year.  My journey in Arizona has come to an end, but my adventure will continue into the foreseeable future.  Oregon has called upon me to venture forth further into the unknown.  What does the future hold for this traveler? Stay Tuned for the Next Episode of “The Adventures of Eric.”

Monday, July 13, 2015

The End of an Era (Nintendo)

I am sitting here at my desk at work feeling completely dumbfounded. I will try my best to put how I feel into words, but there are no promises.  My mind and heart lost something of 'Earthly' value today.  I understand values along these lines are not the number one priority in this little life of mine, but I died a little inside. You may have never heard of him, but his name is Satoru Iwata.  He was the gentleman who ran Nintendo, up until yesterday.  I never met or knew this person within my life time, but I did grow up playing the master pieces he helped create and conceive.  Without knowing this man, his influence allowed me to grow up in a way I never thought possible.  Growing up, I played video games influenced by this gentleman, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Kirby, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros, just to name a few.  His mantra in life was "I am a corporate President. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I'm a gamer."  This ideal tells me that he was a man who knew how to be responsible, yet have the time to play and not completely grow up.  This is considered a sad day, yet there is a part of me whom is happy to have known and grown up with the legacy he left behind.  Thank you for all of the memories you provided Mr. Iwata.  I did not think that I'd feel so sad and dejected about the loss of one man, but I'm sitting here doing everything I can to hold back the feelings.

Thank you for playing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Human Way of Life in an Alien World

Captains Log Star date Feb. 21 2015,

This day started off in a very peculiar fashion; I did not sleep in like I'd normally do.  I was awake by 09:00 and out the door by 09:30.  This means that I actually went outside before 12:00 noon.  I traversed into the City of Phoenix to meet up with a special person.  I arrived at the destination in one piece.  To my surprise, that special someone had this little person following her.  I put my hand out to greet this little man.  To my surprise, he acknowledged my hand gesture and accepted my offering.  We shook hands like those beings on this strange Earth planet tend to do.  I followed this special person and the little man back into their home.  I found it odd that this "home" of theirs apparently houses many of those Earthlings known as humans.  Then out of nowhere, another little person appeared within this home.  I offered my hand out to this little man as well.  Similar to the first little man, he offered up his hand and we did that hand-shaking thing again.  I then proceeded to say "hello" to the other lady of the home.  This one was not in the mood to "shake" the hand, therefore I did not offer up the hand shake.  After the introductions were completed, the first item of business, that this special someone needed to complete, was to drop off this Honda craft back to its original owner, apparently also human.  I followed this Honda type craft to its original place of rest.  The Honda craft belonged to this "brother" creature of my special person.  According to the history books, this means they are what Earthlings call "family."  After a few gloobits (a single gloobit is about 5 minutes Earth time) everyone that was riding within that Honda craft maneuvered into my craft.  I had more than enough room to accommodate all four humans.  I proceeded to travel back to my special persons home to make room in the back of my craft.  I brought my bowling equipment along for the ride, since my special person said we were going to bowling later that evening.  We finally arrived at the special someones destination.  It seemed as if the two little men wanted to try and carry my bowling equipment up into the home.  The first little man tried and failed miserably to lift the gear out of my craft.  Then the second little man tried his hand at moving my bowling gear, but, to his dismay, he was unable to accomplish this task.  I then proceeded to show the little men how strong I really was.  I let out a giant grunt, and pulled the bowling equipment out of the craft like it was nothing.  The two little men seemed to be in some kind of trance, as if they could not fathom what just occurred in front of them.  I then put my bowling gear into the home of my special someone.  Alas, one of the little men wanted to stay in this home of his, so he did.  The rest of the humans, and I, tackled the second item of business, which was for the two ladies to "have their nails done".  I did not know what this meant.  I had to quickly look up what "have nails done" meant.  I went to the deepest reaches of the extranet to find the meaning of this phrase.  What I found shocked me:  Some of the female gender of the human species put colors on the tips of their fingers, apparently in hopes of enticing the male gender of the human species.  What was this sorcery and how did it function?  I took the two ladies, and one of the little men, to this "Nails" shop, a place where other humans are allowed to put these colors on the female races fingers and even toes.  That just didn't sound at all sanitary to me.  After a few more gloobits, or thirty Earth minutes, the two ladies had turned the tips of their fingers red.  It was fascinating to see the expressions on the two ladies faces.  For some unknown reason to me, this made them both extremely overjoyed.  Now that this expedition was completed, we forged our way to the third item of business, which was to acquire what humans call "food."  As I am not very adept to this Earth planet, I asked for my special someone to lead the way to the next destination.  There are apparently multiple ports, commonly known as “stores” to the average Earthling, to choose from to acquire this "food."  After a few more gloobits, this time approximately 15 Earth minutes, we chose our destination and were off.  When I arrived at this destination, I never anticipated to find a Mart full of Wals.  The place was gargantuan in size.  My special person insisted that we walk, not fly, through this "store" to acquire the necessary goods needed to make something called "dinner”.  I didn't know what this "dinner" was, but this special someone wanted to accomplish this task, so I was happy to follow her lead.  After walking through this Mart of Wals, we packed a bunch of items into my craft.  I wasn't sure if the craft was going to be able to hold all of the stuff, but I made it fit with room to spare.  At this point of the day, my special someone was starting to get tired, as were the other lady and little man.  My special someone seemed so relieved and ecstatic that I was helping do what normal Earthlings accomplish on a regular basis.  I managed to trek all the way back to my special someones home.  Just before we got to the home, the special someone put this rectangular device up to her face and started speaking words into it and, somehow, a voice was coming out of the device, as if they were conversing to each other.  I'm starting to think these Earthlings are magicians, because my special someones other little man was waiting for us where I parked my craft.  With the five of us, we managed to acquire all of the items out of the craft and walked this "food" into her home without losing anything.  Now is where things started to get complicated.  One of the little men touched this white box-like thing and something appeared on a monitor.  I've heard about this kind of technology from stories that my ancestors once told me, but I never thought it existed on this Earth planet.  The technology is ancient to my people, so I had to hover there and study how it worked.  One of the little men grabbed a device which allowed him to control what was happening on the screen.  He then launched what he called a "video game" onto the monitor.  The little man explained that you didn't just watch what occurred on the screen, but you controlled the actions of what was happening on the screen.  The little man then extended his hand to me, with the controller.  I extended my hand to acquire this strange device with delight.  "If only my ancestors could see me now" is what I was contemplating when I grasped the device within my appendages.  Since I'm mostly, as humans say, “all thumbs”, it was quite difficult to grasp how this device functioned, yet I pressed on.  To my amazement, I completed the introduction to this "video game" creation.  The little man seemed overjoyed at what I accomplished and continued to reiterate phrases like "good job" or "you're pretty good at this," which bewildered my mind.  Being able to complete the task at hand, I extended my hand back to the little man, who retrieved the awkward device from my clutches.  Apparently, when there are a lot of humans in a single place, something along the lines of chaos ensues.  The special lady started to do something humans called "cooking."  Apparently, all those elements acquired from the Mart of Wals are meant to be heat up and consumed via their mouths.  Such a rudimentary way of performing such an act.  Yet, these humans are required to exercise the activity numerous times throughout a day cycle or else they succumb to a terrible demise.  I do not wish to see my special lady go through such a fate.  While I lingered around, awaiting further gloobits, or approximately one human hour, the two little men seemed inquisitive about my alien type of life.  Entertaining the idea, I exchanged words with the two little men until that "food" stuff was ready to consume by the humans.  My special someone named this delicacy she concocted an "enchilada."  I partook in this ingesting of "food" as to how a human would and to my delight, it was magnificent.  I had never devoured such a concoction in this lifetime and when I spoke to my special lady, she was ecstatic.  I have yet to understand these "feelings" humans have, yet this represented happiness, or so what was stated by her.  All of this was leading up to the final item of business of the Earth day.  We packed everyone into my craft and navigated to a destination which was recognizable to me: a bowling venue.  Contemplating to myself, I determined to influence the humans that bowling was an adept art, perfected over the millennia.  With bowling balls for the humans, and appendages at the ready, all was set to commence a battle against the pins of despair.  For many gloobits, or approximately 3 hours in Earth time, we skirmished against those abominable pins to observe whom would prevail.  To my astonishment, I managed to prevail over the pins of despair, or in more human terms, I knocked down more pins compared to the others who were bowling.  Alas, the time had come to depart the center of bowling and we traveled back to my special someones home.  I will never fully understand the human race and the trivial quests they all try to achieve, yet what I have already learned has provided me hope that one Earth day, I will understand my special lady and win her admiration.


Edited by Goosey from Goosey Games

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? are all questions that need to be answered.  Now that you've read that, you are asking yourself, what the heck is he going on about?  

As most of you know, I have been content with the single life for many years.  This has allowed me to wander wherever I wanted to go, whenever I wanted to go.  You would consider this the simple life and it's a life that I've enjoyed over the past 12 years.  Yet somehow, out of no where, I came across this thing called a female.  Before I continue, I know exactly what you're all thinking at this point.

How would I, a happy single man, become interested in another persons life, and a females life at that?  To be completely honest, I have no stinking idea, yet she caught my eye.  There was something about her that caused me to try and understand how this lady clicked.

I'll now go into the Why? aspect of these questions.  Similar to the How? question being asked, I still have no idea why.  She wasn't your typical lady either, she was more than meets the eye.  Heh... a Transformers reference and in the words of the all mighty Piccolo...

Now to answer When?  The exact time frame is kind of a blur, but I think it was sometimes in December of 2014.

The next question to ask is Where?  This answer was all her idea, as she asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with her and proposed a few options.  As I am not much of a movie goer, I chose the one option that wasn't really a sequel to other movies, but it was a sequel that didn't require me to see the previous movies.  It's kind of difficult to explain...  The exact movie we watched together was "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb."  That was our first date.

So, What on earth is going on?  The simple answer is, she's a girl and I'm a guy. Plain and simple.  We've officially agreed that we are going to give this relationship thing a try.

Now for the biggest question of them all.  Who is this pretty lady that I've been going on about?  Her name is April and she's the best thing that's happened to my life in a long time.



That was a mouthful of words.  So with all of that being said, I leave you with the advice of Master Roshi.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Story of Tali: Welcome To The New Home

Progress update for Tali.

Night one was pretty rough, but it understandable under the specific circumstances. The first thing she did was run upstairs and hid under my bed. I eventually coaxed her out and put her in the litter box so she new where to do her duty. Shortly after, I put her into her little cubbyhole. She then stayed there for the night, as far as I know.

Night two was slightly more nerve wrecking for her, but she started to warm up to me. I sat in front of her cubbyhole and after a good couple of hours, she finally wandered into the unknown. I sat there for a long period of time giving her affection. At this point, she was still unsure how to react to the affection, so I let her take charge. I then went to bed and she went back into the cubbyhole. I woke up day 3 without seeing her. I figured she found a new hiding spot, but I didn't have any idea where she was. So I left for work. When I get home, she is laying in her cubbyhole, which told me that she didn't run away. *whew*

Night three started out similarly to night 2, with me getting her out of her cubbyhole, but I moved back further from her. I started opening up the unknown world for her to explore. She was excepting of the situation and moved towards me allowing for affection. I continued to move back ever so slightly until I sat on the couch. She was extremely confused at this point and wasn't sure what to do. I continued to call her over and after a while she was willing to touch my hand. She allowed for more affection while she was on the ground, then I signaled her to jump up onto the couch. As she is very timid, it took her a good amount of time before she leapt up onto the couch and explore even more of the unknown. She then continued her affection towards me while on the couch. I then went to bed.

When I got home tonight, I didn't see her in the cubbyhole, so I started looking around to find her. After walking into the kitchen, I noticed her fluffy bum sitting in the corner behind the refrigerator. I finally found her other hiding spot. I eventually coaxed her out from behind the fridge, which took some engineering to do. At this point, when I go to pet her while she is in her cubbyhole, she starts to stick out her head and is willing to wander out on her own. I then sat back on the couch and signaled her over. She jumped up on the couch and allowed for more affection. After a few more minutes, I tried to signal her up on top of the couch to give her a better view of the unknown. She gladly accepted the challenge. She stood there looking around further into the unknown. I eventually just sat there and allowed her to crawl on me. This was an accomplishment all on its own, as she was extremely unsure if she could climb on me. After a few tries, she started acting like a cat crawling on my legs and was asking for attention. So I provided her the attention she wanted. She jumped back up on the top of the couch and laid there purring. This told me one thing. That she is starting to become comfortable around me.

Welcome home Tali, welcome home.

Whew, that's a mouthful.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paradigm Shift

Here's a little bit that I put together for a class paper.  I was told to write out a paper about a paradigm shift and how it could effect the future.  Below is what I put together.

            Bowling started out as a game to knock down as many pins as possible within 2 turns. The setup of these early bowling lanes included 2 logs with a dirt lane and 9 pins at the end of this setup while the bowling ball was a round stone.  This iteration of bowling was, considered by many countries, an illegal form of gambling.  To get around the illegal gambling issue, they added a 10th pin to the layout at the end of the bowling lane.  With bowling becoming a popular recreational sport, it eventually moved inside.  These lanes were created out of wood and instead of logs being a barrier, gutters were introduced.  The bowling balls changed during this time as well.  Going from a stone ball to a hard wood bowling ball was also a big change, as the stone bowling ball would damage the wood lanes.  The next step was to create a bowling ball that would have more hook potential than a wooden bowling ball.  The hard rubber bowling ball was invented.  The lanes stayed the same since the rubber bowling balls did not damage the lanes.  The next iteration of bowling balls that became available next had more hook than any previous bowling ball created.  The Urethane bowling balls started to become popular, because they had a higher potential to strike, due to the amount of hook they produced.  At this point, the wood lanes started to show damage from the each newly released bowling ball.  From this point on, each, new, iteration of the bowling balls released gave the player more and more hook.  To remedy the issue of wood lanes becoming damaged, a new synthetic type of lane was created.  This type of lane was much harder than a wood lane which would not become damaged as easy.  Bowling has changed over the many years it’s been around.  I will now go more in depth of each aspect of this sport.  Those 3 aspects include the bowling lane, the bowling ball, and the bowling styles over the years.
            I will start with the bowling lane.  As stated above, the first iteration of a bowling lane included a dirt track with 2 logs and 9 pins.  This was considered illegal in many countries.  To get around that, those playing the game added a 10th pin, give it the triangle look we all know and love.  With a dirt lane, it was quite difficult to be accurate, as the ground was not flat.  It made the game much harder than what we know today.  As years passed, a group of bowlers wanted to bring the game of bowling indoors.  The first indoor bowling alley had wooden lanes, much different than a dirt lane that was not always flat.  The lane length was also standardized at 60 feet in length and just over 3 feet wide.  On each side of the bowling lane gutters were put in, instead of logs.  This gave the sport a challenge aspect that would continue to be seen today.  Wood lanes were good for the first few years of bowling, and then they would start to become warn out from all of the bowling balls that went down the lane.  The next step was to create a lane that would be harder and would be able to handle more bowling balls going down the lane without having to replace the lane as often.  Synthetic lanes were created because of this issue.  A synthetic lane is a much harder type of surface compared to wood and does not need to be replaced as often.  This type of lane is what is seen in bowling alleys today.
            The next aspect of bowling is the bowling ball that goes down the lane to hit the pins.  The early iterations of bowling balls were mostly primitive.  A round stone was the most obvious thing to roll down a dirt alley to knock down the pins.  The user would put the stone in the palm of their hand and roll it along the ground.  The next iteration of the bowling ball was called the wood bowling ball.  It was created out of an extremely dense type of wood and usually had 2 finger holes.  The ball was also much larger than the stone ball.  The size of these types of bowling balls became the standard size of bowling balls from that point forward.  While wood bowling balls were better, they too, would start wearing out after a few years of use.  The rubber bowling ball was then introduced.  It was an extremely solid bowling ball and would not become warn out compared to its predecessor.  The rubber bowling balls were easier to control, which meant that a person could put rotation on the ball and have it curve into the pins, which allowed for more strikes.  While rubber bowling balls were good pieces of equipment, a cheaper solution to create bowling balls was in the works.  The plastic or polyester bowling ball became the next big thing.  These balls were shiny compared to the dull black look of the rubber ball.  The plastic bowling ball did everything the rubber bowling ball did, but just slightly better.  With even more hook potential, more and more strikes were seen on the lanes.  Many years went by before the next type of bowling ball became available.  The bowling ball in line was called a Urethane bowling ball. This bowling ball was a major improvement over the plastic bowling ball in multiple ways.  The first thing that a bowler would see was how much more hook this ball had compared to the plastic ball.  The second thing was something that couldn’t be seen.  The “core” inside the bowling ball was shaped different.  This “core” is what gave the bowling ball the hook potential that bowlers were seeing.  As it was with each prior iteration of bowling ball, the ability to knock down all 10 pins went up.  The next 2 types of bowling balls are seen more often in today’s bowling pro shops.  These include the Reactive Resin and Particle bowling balls.  Let’s start with the Particle bowling ball.  These bowling balls are usually shiny with a core that makes the bowling ball hook into the pins.  These bowling balls are meant for the shorter oil patterns of today.  The Reactive Resin bowling ball was created to hook, even when there is a lot of oil on the lane.  The bowling ball looks gritty and rough.  You could compare this type of bowling ball to snow tires in the real world.  Once the Reactive Resin bowling ball hits a dry spot on the lane, it hooks.  These 2 bowling balls hook more than the previous Urethane bowling ball.
            Last of the aspect of bowling concerns the bowling styles over the years.  The first style of bowling was to cup a stone bowling ball in your palm and release it at the bottom of the swing.  This way of releasing the stone ball was not very accurate.  The lane was not flat, which would cause a stone to roll in a different direction than was originally intended.  Once bowling was brought indoors, the bowler was able roll a bowling ball on a flat surface.  The size of the bowling ball and the ability to drill 2 or 3 holes into it made holding the ball easier and made it much easier to release.  Now that the lane was flat, a bowler could roll the ball where they wanted.  It didn’t always roll into the pins either.  The bowler had to adapt to the gutters on both sides of the lane.  This forced the bowler to stay closer to the middle of the lane and stay away from the outside part of the lane.  When bowling balls became easier to control, a good bowler could hook the ball into the pins by rolling the ball straight, close to the gutter and putting rotation on the ball to make it turn into the pins.  This style of bowling introduced the ability to hook the ball into the pins rather than throwing it straight.  This style allowed more pins to be knocked down in one throw.  As the bowling balls became more complex over the years, a bowler can now stand to the left of the lane, aim towards the right part of the lane and put enough rotation to bring the ball back to hit the pins.  This style is the most popular with the professionals.  A few years back, a bowler was seen using 2 hands to put, even more, rotation on a bowling ball.  This style allows a person who can’t put a lot of rotation on the ball using one hand, but the bowler can use 2 hands and put more rotation on it.  This would help out that player’s game.  This is the newest style introduced into bowling as of today.
            I’ve given 3 aspects of the paradigm shift on how bowling has changed over the years.  Yet there is always something that could force that paradigm to stop.  If you consider everything that has changed within the aspects of bowling, one thing stands out.  How much hook potential each bowling ball brings and with that, the scores are continuing to get higher.  There’s a certain aspect that help keep the score and the bowling ball hook down, but that might not be able to help this paradigm shift continue.  That aspect is the amount of oil they can put on a lane.  The more oil on a lane, the harder it is to make a bowling ball hook.  The bowling ball manufacturers are always creating a bowling ball that will hook even on the hardest lane conditions.  This trend is starting to show that bowling, as a whole, might not be able to advance any further.  There will be a block of creativity soon, and once that block hits, bowling as we know it could be a paradigm of the past.